Hello! I'm Avery!

Personally, I am a lot of things. I grew up in New Jersey and will always carry that with me, but it's pretty well balanced by the five years I spent in Vermont during and after college at UVM. My wife and I married in May, 2021 after doing some globetrotting during our MPH progam... and spending the first lockdown together.

Professionally, I am an Associate Site Reliability Engineer for Gearbox Publishing. I've been in this role since October, 2022, which also means I did onboarding during the pandemic. This role is the culmination of much personal exploration and copious amounts of reading StackOverflow and DigitalOcean tutorials and a deep-seated love of Borderlands.

Previously, I was a Systems Administrator for Harvard's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, during which time I also received a Certificate in Programming from the Harvard Extension School.